Swedish Massage Contraindications-Sun Burn
Swedish Massage Contraindications-Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Swedish Massage Contraindications-Recent Surgery
Swedish Massage Contraindications
Massage is a relatively low risk form of therapy.  However, there are some conditions which are contraindicated for  massage therapy.

The following is a list of Swedish massage contraindications.

Swedish Massage Contraindications That Require Physician Clearance
*Cerebrovascular accident
*Cronic obstructive pulmonary disease
*Congestive heart failure
*Coronary artery disease
*Hodgkin's disease
*Kidney stones
*Myasthenia gravis
*Polycystic kidney disease
Swedish Massage Contraindications 
Local (avoid the area)
*Abdominal diastasis
*Adnormal lumps
*Acne vulgaris
*Athelete's foot
*Carpal tunnel syndrome (if inflamed)
*Crohn's disease
*Decubitus ulcers
*Diverticular diseases
*Foreign objects embedded in the skin such as glass, pencil lead and metal
*Gouty arthritis
*Graves disease
*Hernia such as hiatal, femoral, inguinal and umbilical
*Herpes simplex
*Irritable bowel syndrome
*Local infammation
*Open wounds
*Poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac (unless affected area is widespread,     in which case it is an absolute contraindication)
*Seborrhea keratosis
*Spina bifida
*Swollen lymph glands
*Unhealed burns and wounds
*Urinary incontinence
*Urinary tract infection
*Varicose veins
Swedish Massage Contraindications
Absolute (under no circumstance is massage advised)
Swedish Massage Containdications-Heart Disease
Swedish Massage Contraindications-Poison Ivy
Swedish Massage Contraindications-Appendicitis
Swedish Massage Contraindications-Head Lice
*Autoimmune diseases (during flare up)
*Cardiac arrest
*Cholecystitis (during flare up)
*Cirrhosis of the liver (if due to viral agent)
*Contact dermatitis
*Diarrhea (if due to infection)
*Galstones (during attack)
*German measles
*Gout (acute phase)
*Hypertension (if not controlled by diet, exercise, and/or medication)
*Infectious deseases
*Intestinal obstruction
*Lupus (during flare up)
*Migraine headache (during episode)
*Multiple sclerosis
*Pharyngitis (due to infection)
*Pleruisy (if caused by infectious agent)
*Psychiatric diagnoses of manic depressive psychosis, schizophrenic               psychosis, and paranoid conditions
*Pulmonary embolism
*Recent injury
*Recent surgery
*Respiratory distress syndrome
*Under the influence of drugs or alchohol
Swedish Massage Contraindications-Athlete's Foot
There may be other conditions not mentioned in this list which are contraindicated for massage therapy.

When in doubt, DON'T.  If you suffer from a particular illness and are unsure if it safe for you to receive  massage therapy, please check with your doctor before scheduling an appointment.

Each client will be assesed on an individual basis.
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