Couples Massage
Couples Massage
Couples Massage
Couples Massage
Couples Massage
What could be better than to unwind and relax side by side with a delicious body treatment sure to refresh and replenish your bond for one another?
One of the most popular services offered in the massage industry today is couples massage. 

Share the experience of a wonderful relaxing couples massage with a friend or the one that you love.
What are the advantages of couples massage?
Some people who have never had a massage are a little apprehensive about the experience.  Couples massage is the perfect way to introduce them to massage therapy.  Having someone with them will help them to feel more comfortable and better able to relax and enjoy the massage.  Once they have experienced the soothing benefits of massage therapy, they are sure to return again on their own.
Couples massage does not interfere with your time together.  Which is better, an hour of total relaxation together or one hour for a single appointment and a separate hour for another, further dividing your time together and hindering your schedule for the rest of the day?
How does couples massage work?
A couple is invited into a single room with two separate massage tables, one for each individual.  There will be two therapists present to conduct the massage simultaneously.  Some
couples talk to each other during the massage while others remain quiet. There are no rules concerning conversation, however, remaining quiet during the massage helps to induce a deeper level of relaxation.
Is couples massage for romantic couples only?
Couples massage is absolutely not limited to romantic couples only.  It is available to everyone who come in pairs;  mother/daughter, sisters, friends, etc.....
All you need is a partner to enjoy all the healing benefits of a couples massage.
We have three luxurious packages guaranteed to melt away the stress and leave you relaxed and rejuvenated. 

Packages are priced per couple.

Joy                60 minute Swedish..........................................................$130
Amore'       90 minute Swedish..........................................................$200
Paradise      Raindrop with full body massage, 90 min ...................$225 

A sensuous couples massage is one to remember, combining pure essential oils, hot stones and long, slow soothing strokes to bring balance to the body, mind and spirit.  On leaving, you will feel refreshed and at peace.  It is the perfect pampering experience for a couple to share.          
Give the gift of relaxation to a deserving couple. Couples massage gift certificates make the perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentines Day, even baby showers!  You may purchase a gift certificate with a credit card through
paypal at our On-Line Shop or by cash or check in our office.
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